Investor Criteria

Vistafolio offers a managed portfolio service in global equities. Since you'll be opening your own brokerage account, it's designed for investors with some experience of financial products. This enables us to offer a more exclusive, cost efficient wholesale service that is not available to general retail investors. To receive an investment proposal you'll need to qualify as an Eligible or Wholesale Investor under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013, regardless of your country of residence.

How to qualify

It's straightforward to register as an Eligible or Wholesale Investor. Simply complete our Investor Declaration Form and scan/email to If you qualify, we'll send you an Investment Proposal and Client Agreement containing the registration information you’ll need within one business day.

If you're a 'sophisticated' or 'accredited' investor in another jurisdiction, it is likely you may qualify as an Eligible or Wholesale Investor with Vistafolio. Alternatively, if you have experience acquiring or disposing of financial products such as bonds, shares or managed funds, you'll likely qualify for our service.

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