Model portfolio strategy

Our premise is simple. We provide transparent, managed investment accounts to help you own shares in the world's best businesses, based on our research and convictions. Businesses that will produce, grow and can weather the storms.

We seek to provide global diversification, income, capital preservation and growth through our StockScore™ strategy over the medium to long term (3 to 10 years). StockScore™ is Vistafolio’s proprietary analysis system that scours the global investment universe for:

Potentially undervalued stock markets with high projected growth, reasonable dividend yield and a high level of development.

GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) sectors that are projected to outperform the targeted stock markets over the next 10 years.

Our model portfolio features:

A 14-point scored analysis system for companies covering key fundamental analysis, reporting, news and commercial assessment of ongoing market prospects. In addition we visit locations, interview management, attend shareholder meetings and study the wider industry of our investments.

The development of a focused portfolio overlay applied to client accounts (according to timing and opportunities) covering 15 to 20+ of our best ideas in global equities, targeting capital growth of 5-15% p.a. and dividend income yield of 4-10% p.a. (depending on market conditions). Review our past performance.

Addition of yield enhancement (stock lending) where available, and margin lending on selected holdings.

Monthly "The Markets" newsletter covering the investment strategy and its performance. You can follow our strategy by subscribing to our newsletter.

Online platform where clients can login to view their portfolios in realtime.

Ability to deposit in various currencies and seek opportunities based on your currency holdings. Genuine global diversification of your wealth base.

A commitment to ethical investing practice alongside capital preservation. No risky small cap strategies, crypto currencies or investment into assets without verified actual value.


This is an active, focused strategy. How is this better than passive investing - eg. holding an ETF over the long run?

There is a place for passive investing but not when you want control, direct ownership, direct income and the best shot at asset growth. It requires a lot of research but we practice dedicated, active, individualized management for these reasons:
- Just because a company is listed on the stockmarket doesn't necessarily make it a worthwhile investment. We back the best businesses in growth sectors, maximizing your investment opportunity.
- You can enjoy stronger income yield from selected quality stocks rather than across an index where the overall yield is dilulted.
- As a shareholder you receive directly the dividend income, rights issues, proxies and meaningful upside from the businesses selected. In some cases you can also identify and support them as customers - 'voting' for the firms in which you're an owner.
- Active investment allows the tailoring of your investing to your funds, timing and risk profile at the time of investment.
- All the studies that suggest only some active fund managers outperform passive strategies are based on managed funds - not tailored, individually managed accounts as we provide.
- Individually managed accounts are unique in that they enable us to select the best stocks for you at the time you invest and keep you abreast of new opportunities in the market.
- We put our money where out mouth is - our management fee is low and in line with some passive funds. Our reward for outperformance is tied to our performance fee.

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