Family trusts

Often the best way to hold, protect and manage your investment accounts are through a trust structure. Trusts can also help with the intergenerational transfer of assets and provide additional protection for your hard earned wealth. A family trust provides the ideal vehicle to hold growth assets, like your global share portfolio.

Your Trust will become part of your Estate planning. As such we can prepare and present all documents in a custom heirloom folder should you desire.

Whether you are a local or offshore investor, New Zealand trusts have many benefits and may offer certain tax advantages.

Formation & advice

We can advise if a trust structure is right for you and assist with:

  • Setting up a trust and documentation.
  • Setup of a managed investment account for your trust.
  • Review of your existing trust and investment performance.


We can also manage the administration of your trust:

  • Minutes and resolutions.
  • Financial accounts and tax planning.
  • Annual service, ensuring everything is in order.

Fees & charges

Please contact us to discuss your trust needs. We can then prepare a quotation for what is needed.

As a guideline, setup of a straightforward family trust can be done from approx. $2,000.

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