Managed accounts

We provide a service to build and manage global share investments in your own account as your investment broker. The investments remain in your name (or family trust/entity) and under your control at all times. You simply sign an investment management mandate with us to trade using the investment strategies of our proven model portfolio.

How does it work?

See below, for our sample client, ‘’ J R Farmer. ‘’

J R Farmer

Global Brokerage Account

Protected account in your name (or trust) with 24/7 online access

Deposit/withdraw funds

J R Farmer

Bank Account

We support banks and currencies from most countries

Manage portfolio in accordance with strategy


Investment Mandate

You sign this with us to enable us to build and manage your portfolio

Features & benefits

Integrity: The account remains in your name, ownership and custody. You may have your investments sold and withdraw funds from your account at any time by simply advising us.

Protection: Our brokerage accounts are protected up to US$30 million (including up to $1 million for cash) - in addition to SIPC protection of $500,000. (As with all securities firms, this insurance provides protection against failure of a broker-dealer, not against loss of market value of securities).

Timing: We invest your money in the opportunities that are relevant at the time you invest, match your investment plans and available funds.

Footprint: Individual accounts have a small market footprint compared to larger funds, so can operate in the market much more deftly.

Tailoring: We tailor your portfolio to your capital, risk appetite and need for cash. You can deposit various currencies and we can seek opportunities based on your balances.

Quality: Large institutional investors the world over like managed accounts as they’re more transparent and have ownership and custody integrity (in the investor’s own name).

Transparency: 24/7 online access to your investment account providing maximum visibility on what is happening with your investments.

Efficiency: Low overhead, regulatory and operating expenses mean that investor fees are focused on analysis and effective management of your investments.

Flexibility: You can deposit or withdraw funds from your account by simply letting us know and we can accept various currencies from banks around the world.

Economy: There are no additional fund, administrative or custody charges. These are knocked out and the cost is all inclusive in the management and performance fee (excepting low brokerage costs on individual trades).

Fees & charges

Management fee 1% (minimum charge $65 per month)

Average KiwiSaver fees are 1.1% with average returns 5.4-6.7% (Morningstar 2007-17) compared to our 20%+ (model portfolio 2014-18).*

Performance fee 0-20%*

*Performance fee is not charged on direct brokerage. High Water Marked (meaning you only pay for gains above the previous highest level).

Brokerage $3 to $12 per trade (depending on country)

Learn more about our model portfolio strategy


Is there a minimum investment?

The minimum initial amount needed to open a managed investment account is $10,000. You can make additional deposits of any amount at any time.

Can I use the service to gain a regular income?

Yes, dividends can be withdrawn from the account rather than re-invested. Simply let us know your requirements as our managed portfolio service is flexible.

How can I load my account with funds?

Simply complete a deposit notification online and then transfer the money from your bank. Your account can accept currencies and bank transfers from around the world, with no fee to load.

Can you assist me to buy/manage/analyse certain shares?

Yes, for approved accounts we can provide direct and advisory brokerage services across worldwide markets. We offer a global stock broking service at competitive rates. Please contact us to discuss this option.

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