Vistafolio provides separately managed accounts direct to institutional investors. The assets are held by our clients with us having execution only access to run tailored mandates based on our proven investment strategy. Our wholesale investment services are ideal for family offices, companies, charities, churches, community trusts, iwi and other wholesale investors.

There are many benefits of individually managed accounts for organisations; potentially higher returns, liquidity of funds, flexibility in terms of currencies and global banking transfers.

Separately managed accounts

Vistafolio's separately managed investment accounts are available to wholesale investors with negotiable rates based on investment size. These accounts are operated on a discretionary investment basis. The investment strategy to date has favoured infrastructure, healthcare, property and other sectors that can offer capital preservation and growth alongside income. We invest globally to diversify our clients' wealth base and provide a dedicated account manager to our wholesale clients.

Advisory managed accounts

We offer an advisory investing service to wholesale clients. Receive detailed analysis on global shares that match your investment objectives. Get assistance to acquire these stocks at optimum prices, using best execution. Combine an advisory service with our discretionary investment management accounts, run a custom investment strategy for your organisation or a tailored solution for your family office investments.

Investment reporting

Receive online access to your organisation's investment account, with facility to authorise multiple users. You can view a custom report at any time and for any period for your portfolio, showing TWR (time weighted return), risk analysis, portfolio analysis and custom benchmarking.

Investment consultancy

We can review the performance of your current investments and advise on investment options to suit the needs of your organisation. We have specific experience in global equities and offer an investment strategy that allows local organisations to effectively diversify and hedge against events in their home economic environment.

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