Vistafolio is a fintech business that uses technology to provide managed investment accounts in global shares. Managed accounts allow investors to have a quality portfolio built and managed for them, owning the assets in their own name as opposed to a fund structure. Our objective is to help more people achieve financial independence and take control of their future.

We also offer family trust, planning and business services to support our investment accounts.

The first step is always to listen and understand your needs. We can then tailor our offer to helping you achieve your financial goals.

We believe

The need to invest and provide for future income is one of the most significant problems facing people as they go through life.

We help our clients invest in the world’s best quality companies that offer reliable yield and capital growth upside. Rigorous analysis and access to independent research helps us find shares and sectors that generate above average income and are poised for growth. In addition we visit locations, interview management, attend shareholder meetings and study the wider industry of our investments. We have developed a 14 point StockScore strategy which is the basis for our model portfolio and has averaged returns of over 20% since 2014.*

We believe in investing in companies and sectors that improve the world in some way and are poised for growth due to market timing, economic trends or events. We practice ethical investing and scour the world to find intrinsic value.

We believe in understanding the unique aspirations and needs of our clients to put together the most suitable investment strategy, trust structure or suite of services.

We provide

  • Technology enabled discretionary managed accounts in our clients’ names and controlled by them, with us running the investment strategy as a mandate.
  • Online platform with each account protected up to US$30 million (including up to $1 million for cash - in addition to SIPC protection of $500,000) and 24/7 real-time access for clients to their accounts and investment performance. (As with all securities firms, this insurance provides protection against failure of a broker-dealer, not against loss of market value of securities).
  • Caring, personalised service and advice, dedicated to maximising outcomes for clients.
  • Proven returns from our equities strategy, developed over a number of years. Our partners are invested in the same strategy as you.
  • Trust formation, management and administration to hold and protect your wealth.
  • Business and wholesale/generic advisory services so we can help you maximise every opportunity.

We are

Stock and share brokers dedicated to using our knowledge and expertise to help our clients. Having worked in the finance industry around the world, investing in global stock markets through major events like Brexit, we’ve seen both profitable and difficult times. Our focus is on using this knowledge and learning to provide the best possible investment management service to clients locally, nationally and offshore.

Our investment expertise has been honed from years of working in the markets in Europe and Australasia.

We start

By listening... Tell us your financial goals and we’ll help to provide investment, trust and portfolio solutions to give you peace of mind for the future. Call us on 0800 113 680 or email care@vistafolio.com to arrange an initial free meeting.

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