Retire sooner

Build a global portfolio of shares in quality companies, and you could achieve financial independence sooner than you think.

Financial independence is the ability to support your lifestyle when you’re not working. It gives you choices. If you have experience with financial products and qualify as an Eligible or Wholesale Investor - our firm is dedicated to helping you and your family achieve financial independence and secure your future.

For those already secure, we can help you achieve the icing on the cake – financial freedom, perhaps to travel more or help others.

How can you retire sooner? Start by building a diversified portfolio.

We’re the first fund manager to provide managed investment accounts at a realistic level in your name to build and manage a portfolio of global shares. Managed investment accounts are the preferred way to invest by high net worths, institutional investors and family offices.

Many people invest in local property to help them retire sooner and there are property coaching companies that encourage this.

There are many reasons however as to why good quality global shares can be a better investment:

Capital growth from shares has matched capital growth from property over the long term. $10,000 invested in shares in 1980 was worth $484,000 by 2016, while in property it had grown to $335,000 (Reserve Bank figures).

Shares we invest in usually pay regular dividends of around 3% to 9%. While this may match gross yields from property, when you consider rates, repairs, maintenance and unforeseen vacancies; dividend yield from a good company is usually stronger.

Property, particularly if it is in the same neighbourhood as your family home is a poorly diversified investment. Rather than spreading over different shares in different markets, all your eggs are in one basket. The real possibility of a volcanic eruption in Auckland or major earthquake in California for example could slash values over night.

Global shares allow you to enjoy income and capital growth, diversifying across different countries, foreign exchange opportunity, markets, sectors and industries. For example, we invest in opportunities in mining, pharmaceuticals and shipping that are not readily available in solely in local markets.

An investment in shares is an investment in a productive business that employs many people. An investment in a rental property takes away yet another home from a young person trying to get on the property ladder.

How much do I need to retire?

Learn more about financial freedom and how to calculate financial independence. Great investing is more than just retirement planning, it’s about becoming financially free. The sooner you start the sooner you can become independent.

How to retire early

You can start building a global share portfolio and start working toward your financial independence today. Vistafolio's point of difference is that we help you build your own portfolio of shares in your own protected brokerage account, maximising opportunities from the time you invest without losing control to a fund. Learn more about our managed investment accounts.

This article is general in nature and should not be regarded as specific investment advice.

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